Before your baby learns to speak, s/he communicates with the world through touch. As a Mum, you instinctively know the power of touch to comfort your child. When a baby cries, our first response is to pick them up and give them a cuddle, or massage their back. Massaging your baby is an extension of this natural impulse.

Here are 5 amazing benefits of Baby Massage:

1. Bonding
Massage encourages positive bonding between parent and baby at an early stage. Spending intimate one on one time with your little one can help you get to know each other in a relaxed and supportive environment.

2.  Boost your baby’s IQ

Studies show that stimulating babies boosts their IQ. You can do this by making eye contact, cuddling, singing and using the right tone.  All part and parcel of a baby massage class :).

3. Calming

Massage is calming on the nervous system and is excellent for colic, constipation and sleep. Massaging raises levels of the ‘feel-good’ hormone oxytocin in both you and your baby, helping you both feel calmer and relaxed.

4. Health
Benefits include better sleep for your baby and improved digestive function.  Baby massage also helps your baby’s breathing, as well as boosting lymph and blood circulation.

5. Confidence and Connection
It can help you become more confident in handling your child and better at recognising their needs. Spending quiet time massaging your baby will give you the time and space you need to start recognising and learning their cues. This will give you a confidence boost and make you feel more relaxed in those early months.  Connecting with other Mums over a cuppa after class is also a great way for you to share your cares and de-stress.

Did you know that most health insurers contribute €100 to the cost of Baby massage courses?