Yoga supports the immune and nervous systems as well as bolstering the adrenal glands.  Studies show that yoga, more than a walk in nature or relaxing music, has tangible positive effects on health, including improved immunity, respiration, better sleep and better mood.
For example, Cobra pose stimulates the thymus, the gland responsible for immune response.  Other immunity-boosting poses you can easily try at home: Dog, Bridge and the relaxation pose.

Follow our top tips below to stay fighting fit this Winter:

Vital Vitamins, C and D: if you lack vitamin D, you are more prone to catching colds and flu.  Your GP can do a blood test to check your level.  If it’s on the low side, try supplementing with a Vitamin D spray, take a winter sun holiday or expose your arms and legs to sunlight between the hours of 10am and 3pm every day for 20 mins.  Brrr… The benefits of Vitamin C are well documented.  Ester C is one of the most absorbable forms.  Take 500mg per day as a maintenance dose.

Probiotics: maintain healthy gut bacteria, vital for killing off the bad guys, by taking a probiotic regularly.  Lactobacillus, bifidum and s. boulardi are 3 good ones to combine.  Eating fermented foods will also help your gut, think sauer kraut, miso, kimchi, yoghurt.

Rest: the hours before midnight are when the body’s natural healing systems are most active.  If you are resting or asleep at this time, 9pm to midnight, the beneficial effects are maximised.  Avoid eating a large meal in the evening as the body’s energy will then be used for digestion rather than repair.

Chillax: stress weakens the body so take steps to resolve any stressful situation in your life or learn some coping strategies…you’ve guessed it, yoga and relaxation!  Learn a unique combination of core yoga poses, breathing and relaxation techniques to strengthen digestion, boost immunity and tone your tum at our Core and Restore workshop.

Fun: take time to laugh and smile with the people in your life.  Do something you’ve never done before.  Novelty is good for the brain 🙂

Gratitude: practising gratitude 4 times a week lowers stress and depression (immunity zappers) and increases happiness, according to a recent study. Participants kept a gratitude journal and listened to a guided recording for fostering gratefulness in life.