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agnikanas-group-300x221Experience the beauty and power of meditation: ‘Music for Inner Peace’, a free concert this Saturday in Dublin city centre

Meditation is a tricky business.  As soon as you sit still, you realise just how crazy-busy the mind can be.  You are not alone.  Down the sweep of centuries, peace seekers have tried to master the art of stilling the mind.  In today’s world more than ever, we need the calm poise and focus that meditation bestows.  Through mantric music, we can bypass the mind and elevate our consciousness to experience the vastness of the soul.

Mantric music and chanting belong to the practice known as ‘bhakti’ yoga.  Like every form of yoga, it is a path to self-realisation, to a feeling of oneness with everything.  For many of us at first, yoga is a just a workout.  But more and more people are discovering the sweetness and power of mantric music to generate positive feelings, boost mood and feel a sense of connection to oneself and others.  As a form of meditation, it is often more accessible than simply trying to sit still and control the thoughts.

Soulful music and mantric sounds lead to positive mental and emotional states that are rooted in the psyche and not dependent on outer circumstances.  Musician, composer and meditation teacher, Sri Chinmoy spoke of how mantric music can uplift and transform our consciousness: ‘Music is the universal language.  Soulful music is next to meditation.  It carries the beauty and fragrance of silence, the message of the inner and higher worlds’.

Join us this Saturday for a journey into the beauty, power and vastness of Sri Chinmoy’s musical compositions.  You will experience the resonance of mantric music, arranged for Eastern and Western instruments.  Performed by a group of musicians come from various European countries, with a wide range of instruments including the Indian harmonium, guitar, wooden and concert flutes, santur and glockenspiel.  The music is soulful and ethereal, blending angelic voices with acoustic instrumental arrangements of Sri Chinmoy’s music to sublime effect.

Entry is Free but registration is required. Please call 085 1450880 to register or find out more about our meditation classes.

Music for Inner Peace Concert

7pm, Saturday 29th October 2016

Dublin Unitarian Church

112 St. Stephen’s Green West

Dublin 2