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2 Minutes Can Change Your Life

Numerous studies demonstrate that physical exercise, even a gentle walk, can brighten your mood and change your perspective.  But did you know that just 2 minutes of focused meditation several times a day can bring about profound changes in your health and well-being?... read more

Sound Nourishment: Rebalance, Refresh, Reconnect

Sound can nourish our body, mind and soul, restoring well-being, health and balance. To the harmonising sounds and vibrations of tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, gongs and drums you can relax completely, unwind and let the sound take you to a deeper place. Sound... read more

Mountain Zen: 5 Reasons to Book a Weekend Yoga Retreat

Have you ever wanted to step off the carousel of your life and take a complete break?  A yoga retreat is the answer.  If you take care of others in your personal or work life, it’s important to take time out to nurture yourself.  Ask yourself this: if you don’t look... read more

Spring Clean with Kundalini Yoga!

Kundalini Yoga Spring Workshop – ‘Live(r) lightly and trust yourself’, by Elisabeth Mitterrutzner Spring is a wonderful time for cleansing and balancing body, mind and soul: for shedding the winter heaviness and accessing the dormant energies we kept... read more

Boost Your Immunity with Kundalini Yoga

Our new Kundalini Yoga teacher, Elisabeth Mitterrutzner, writes how Kundalini Yoga can help us stay warm and well this Winter… It’s getting nippy and dark out there: cold and flu season is upon us again. But not to worry, there is a lot you can do to skip that... read more

Yoga and Immunity

Yoga supports the immune and nervous systems as well as bolstering the adrenal glands.  Studies show that yoga, more than a walk in nature or relaxing music, has tangible positive effects on health, including improved immunity, respiration, better sleep and better... read more

Meditation: Let the Music Take You There

Experience the beauty and power of meditation: ‘Music for Inner Peace’, a free concert this Saturday in Dublin city centre Meditation is a tricky business.  As soon as you sit still, you realise just how crazy-busy the mind can be.  You are not alone.  Down the sweep... read more

The More You Move, the Better Your Mood

Inspired by the HSE’s catchy mental health tip, the title of this blog is backed by science.  Numerous studies demonstrate that physical exercise, even a gentle walk, can brighten your mood and change your perspective. The practice of mindful movement, often... read more

How a Yoga Retreat Can Change Your Life

Establish yoga as a good habit in your life  Yoga changes your life for the better. Aside from the physical benefits, yoga improves your mental and emotional well-being. The more you practice, the more positive changes you will see. Doing yoga every day for a week... read more

5 Tips for Better Sleep

Do you struggle to fall asleep at night or find yourself wide wake in the small hours?   Lack of sleep makes us feel stressed, unable to focus and prone to weight gain.  Follow these suggestions to get the best from a night’s rest. 1.  Eat Yourself Sleepy Eating too... read more